Eternal Being


“Maybe this was what love meant after all: sacrifice and selflessness. It did not mean hearts and flowers and a happy ending, but the knowledge that another’s well-being is more important than one’s own” – Melissa de la Cruz


There are some people who come and go but are never forgotten. They become an indispensable part of one’s self-existence. They become an integral part of the mind, body and the soul. They become the Eternal Being. They share a part in our destinies.


‘Through the Darkness, With Love’ wouldn’t have been possible without the dynamic admiration and applause of my newly found friends but above all, the old friends and admirers:

“Hundreds of deepest emotions captured beautifully in one poem that brings back the very well-known feeling of being insanely in love, ‘being in point of no return’, ‘out of control & head over heel’ – I wish all people in this world spoke about love the way you do, this world would be a better place then. Thank you for sharing this poem with us.”

“Your writing voice is the deepest possible reflection of who you are. The job of your voice is not to seduce or flatter or make well-shaped sentences. In your voice, your readers should be able to hear the contents of your mind, your heart, your soul. Magnifique!”.

“Sandeep, where did this talent come from, I’d not seen it. It exposes a great insight into you, which I can now appreciate. You must share some of your poetry”















Life is an ongoing process of opening and elevating our mind, body, and spirit. The real growth brings about the necessary changes, as destined. Never force yourself to have space in anyone’s life. If anyone really knows your worth, it will make a space for you and step outside of its comfort zone. Building relationship is not simple; and, sustaining them is much more strenuous, whether it be conditional or unconditional. Life, through unconditional love, is an amazing adventure that explores the very core of our being and lights up our path with joy and gratification.

The core essence of ‘Through the Darkness, With Love’ lies within the realms of an unconditional eternal love – something that comes once in a lifetime. If you want such a love to go on forever, you treat it in an exceptional way. You shield it and secure it. You never ill-treat it. You don’t make it normal or common. In the event that it ever moves toward losing its brilliance, you affectionately clean it until the point that it shines like new. It has to end up noticeably extraordinary in light of the fact that you want it to be remarkable and sensational, forever. You want it to flourish and become more wonderful and valuable as you mature.

‘Unconditional Eternal Love’ was the foundation for ‘Through the Darkness, With Love’, which was effectively communicated to the SOUL for 17 years. Thereafter, it got lost in the midst of the crowd.

‘Unconditional Eternal Love’ is a love that can be only felt by a heart and soul – no physical relationship can ever produce such profound results. We can only learn to love love by loving unconditionally.







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