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Sometimes we have to experience things we don’t understand just so God can bring us to the place where he needs us to be. Never doubt the season he has you in – Unknown



SandeepNarayanTripathi [aka AnOldMan as well as PoeticMan] lives “A Beau Life”, vivaciously. He is very much young at heart; very much passionate about life; and, indeed very much in love with eternal love. He sees himself as an ideal man – independent in his action, eager to follow his calling, and willing to take chances in life. His most notable attribute, however, appears to be his unquenchable thirst for love, truth, and honesty. His eternal love for truth remains undefeated – through all trials and errors. No amount of pain or physical abuse can derail Old Man’s honor and pride, which remains invincible. He personifies honor, courage, endurance, and faith. He smiles and smiles for miles. His smile echoes the self-contentment deep within his soul.

“It isn’t possible to love and part. You will wish that it was. You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. I know by experience that the poets are right: love is eternal.” ― E.M. Forster

Whether people believe in it or not, that’s their preference; he believed in it and he still does and he always will. Evidently, with logic and reason, everything, to him, becomes crystal clear, if there is time enough because he says inside each person is great untapped potential to live, love, create and lead (a little bit of Magic for loads of Miracles).

An Old Man dwells in his “lala land”, where there is only pure happiness and loads of love for everyone and, whoever is a part of him, s/he rejoices, forever (proven track record). Love is his life, whether people like it or not. He is a positive thinker and in his own realm, he finds an impressive world with a sense of grandeur; a world of inspiring awe people; a world filled with idolization and dedication. He smiles, laughs and makes others laugh and smile as well, with his witticism, short and amusing anecdotes or a simple prankish act.

“If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain how he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.






The PoeticMan realizes that everything in life has its own beauty, charm, and elegance. How well you preserve these critical elements, makes all the difference in the world; and, how well you make use of these elements, determines the life’s journey. He follows an enlightened path with profound inspiration demonstrated by his unparalleled devotion and dedication. That’s how a brilliant soul with a brilliant heart and a brilliant mind has emerged, time & again, (through the gates of heaven) and has become the Eternal Light. The enriched inspiration has painted a few masterpieces, umpteen times. Nevertheless, the most profound after effect of the inspiration has been that the creative work set up an inseparable bond (between the SOUL and himself), lasting for years. The SOUL [Source of Ultimate Light] was, is and will always be the “real thing” (without a reasonable doubt). The SOUL’s a true personification of the following (lyrics of the song Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler):

“It must have been cold there in my shadow
To never have sunlight on your face
You were content to let me shine, that’s your way
You always walked a step behind

So I was the one with all the glory
While you were the one with all the strength
A beautiful face without a name for so long
A beautiful smile to hide the pain”

Inspiration – Admiration, Motivation [I AM]  –  a very well defined characteristic of the SOUL.





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The GSL Group



It is said that knowledge is wealth; knowledge is power. It is the path to Wisdom.

Henceforth, The GSL Group is a bona fide embodiment of such an enlightened path.



Ganesha, the name, is a Sanskrit compound, joining the words gana (gaṇa), meaning a group, multitude, or categorical system and isha (īśa), meaning lord or master.

Although he is known by many attributes, Ganesha’s elephant head makes him easy to identify. Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom. As the god of beginnings, he is honored at the start of rites and ceremonies. Ganesha is also invoked as patron of letters and learning during writing sessions.


Saraswati means “the essence of the self.” She is the Goddess of knowledge, speech, learning and the arts, fertility and prosperity. She is considered the originator of speech and of all the arts. Goddess Saraswati is worshipped by all persons interested in knowledge, especially students, teachers, scholars, and scientists.

The lotus is a symbol of the Supreme Reality, and a white lotus also denotes supreme knowledge. By sitting on a lotus, Saraswati signifies that She is Herself rooted in the Supreme Reality, and symbolizes supreme knowledge. The white color symbolizes purity and knowledge. The white sari that the Goddess is wearing denotes that She is the embodiment of pure knowledge.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, health, fortune and prosperity. She typically stands or sits like a yogin on a lotus pedestal and holds lotus in her hand, a symbolism for fortune, self-knowledge and spiritual liberation.

Lakshmi is depicted in Indian art as an elegantly dressed, prosperity-showering golden-colored woman with owl as her vehicle, signifying the importance of economic activity in maintenance of life, her ability to move, work and prevail in confusing darkness.
























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